Nominate Teen Cancer America For The FiERCE Award

The Biden Cancer Initiative created the first ever FiERCE Awards in order to recognize heroic individuals and organizations that are doing work on behalf of cancer patients. Help Teen Cancer America raise awareness and our profile by nominating us and sharing the instrumental work we do for teens and young adults with cancer around the US. You can nominate an organization for one of five FiERCE Award categories. FiERCE Award winners will be recognized on September 20, 2018 at the 2018 Biden Cancer Summit.

FiERCE Five – Award Categories
1. Prevention and early detection
2. Reducing cancer disparities
3. Patient navigation
4. Survivorship
5. LEAP (Leadership through Exemplary and Awesome Purpose) NOMINATE TCA FOR THIS CATEGORY!
Help us be FiERCE
Nominate TCA for the LEAP category today! The deadline to submit nominations for this award is July 31, 2018.

FiERCE Award winners will be honored on stage at the 2018 Biden Cancer Summit where thousands of survivors and supporters from across the country will be watching. This will be an amazing opportunity for everyone to hear about the revolutionary work TCA is doing by enhancing standards for age-targeted care and stimulating dedicated research to improve outcomes and survival for our young people.

When nominating Teen Cancer America for the LEAP Award please share your personal stories and experiences that you’ve had with us along this transformative journey. Tell the Biden Cancer Initiative how TCA has impacted your life or the lives around you and tell them why TCA deserves to win this award.

Still need a little more to help TCA be FiERCE
Feel free to include any of the following information in your submission.

Our mission is to improve the experience, outcomes, and survival of teens and young adults with cancer by providing comprehensive programs and specialized facilities designed especially for them in hospitals throughout the US.

Who we are:
Teen Cancer America partners with hospitals and philanthropists throughout the US to activate strategies, create needed facilities, and develop services that meet the special requirements of teens and young adults with cancer. We build teen-friendly environments – both real and virtual – that enhance the care experience for patients, families, and care teams, facilitating connections and cultivating a sense of community. TCA enhances standards for age-targeted care, improves collaboration between pediatric and adult specialists, and stimulates dedicated research to improve outcomes and survival for our young people.

Since 2013, TCA has supported more than 5,200 young people, partnered with 17 hospital partners, consulted over 60 hospitals on age-appropriate care, established teen-centered ecosystems in 15 US cities, and raised $14 million to support our mission.

Why we do it:
Teenagers: They inspire us. They astonish us. They challenge us to be better parents, better citizens, and better stewards of the world they will inherit. They also rely on us to help them make the transition from childhood to adulthood. A cancer diagnosis during the teen and young adult years can shatter that trajectory as young people tumble into a glaring gap in our healthcare system. Today, in the US, there’s no such thing as teen and young adult cancer care. Through Teen Cancer America, we can change that with healing and empowering the young people with cancer, who are our future.

Young people who survive cancer often emerge from that dark time with a profound sense of purpose and deep compassion for the experiences of teens like them. These are the kind of young people we want to inherit our world, as leaders, artists, and educators, as scientists and innovators, as people empowered but not defined by an experience with cancer.

Thank you so much for your support and please share with anyone else you know that has been touched by Teen Cancer America!

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