TCA Launches “Dog Days” Campaign

In honor of our ongoing 5th Anniversary campaign, Teen Cancer America is refreshing our message for our “Give Us 5” campaign with “Dog Days of Summer” campaign! We’re having our pups (and other pets) HIGH FIVE for TCA’s 5th year anniversary and #Give5 campaign. By doing so, we also encourage YOU to donate $5 to Teen Cancer America!

Here’s the instructions and language we reccommend:

“Hi, I am (name) from (your location), Here’s my pet’s/ dog’s high-five for teens to survive and thrive!

I’m donating ($5 or amount you choose) to Teen Cancer America for their 5th anniversary to help save the lives of teens with cancer!” I would like to nominate (tag friend/family/celebrity here).”

Here’s an example from one of our TCA employee’s dog, Tuna!

Make sure you #FOLLOW #SHARE and #TAG us in any posts on social media of you giving your pet a ‘high five’ (photo or video) and you will have a chance to be featured on our page!

We will announce a winner every week, so stay tuned on our social channels!

Have fun, be creative and THANK YOU!


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