Raeanna G

My is Raeanna. I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at age 20 while a Sophomore in college. I went to school to play volleyball, so was unnerved when my knee began bothering me. My life was flipped up-side down when my odd knee pain was discovered to be Osteosarcoma. I left college within a week to start treatment. I was treated in the pediatric ward at MSKCC (Miami Sloan Kettering Cancer Center). I was extremely fortunate because of the youthful environment but isolated by my age. Teen Cancer America is so important to me because it connected young adults with other patients that may be the same age but different units. In today’s world, human connection is more important than ever. I am a proud teen cancer survivor and believe in using my experience to inspire others. I currently live in Hoboken, NJ and work in oncology sales in New York City area.

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