How TCA Can Help You

Teen Cancer America is pleased to partner with institutions and hospitals that want to develop a program and/or facility for teens and young adults with cancer around the United States. We engage personally with teams to share our experience and expertise in building specialized facilities and comprehensive programs so that together we can adequately address the challenges of teens and young adults facing cancer.

How we work in partnership with your hospital/institution:

  • Site visit(s)
  • Strategic plan working day as needed
  • Work with development teams to create complementary fundraising campaign as needed
  • Utilize Teen Cancer America's local relationships with both companies and individuals for additional support and engagement
  • Work with the marketing and PR team to generate interest and awareness for your hospital/institution’s AYA Program
  • Work with leadership to gain support for program vision and initiatives
  • Connect teams or individuals with other professionals in similar roles established throughout the country
  • Encourage and connect those hospitals around the US with similar research goals
  • Engage with young people building awareness and advocacy for the AYA population
  • Follow-up conversations throughout program and facility development

Discover your facility’s current capacities and the scope of what you are hoping to develop, that will in turn help you organize and prioritize the development of your program.

  • Self-assessment completed by your core team so that we can better understand the unique phase of readiness of your institution/hospital.
  • Program and facility development strategy document completed by your team that will help you to accurately assess the feasibility of building a program at your facility. Through this you will be developing a tactical plan that includes measurable outcomes, key activities, evaluation indicators, implementation guidelines, and a service pathway.
  • Program business strategy document where you will outline your budget, sustainability and fundraising plan, and proposal for a TCA grant (if applicable).

TCA is a non-profit organization.

We offer consult services and program support at no cost to your institution. If you are interested in having us come to visit your facility we do ask for your support to cover travel and accommodations.

Please note, TCA prioritizes funding for core program development positions such as program manager and/or patient navigator spanning both pediatric and adult facilities, as well as funding for AYA dedicated space. TCA does not pay for indirect costs such as dean's tax, fringe benefits, grant tax, etc. TCA understands that physical space within the hospital and or clinics can be challenging to find. Although this may not be your first step there must be some vision for future space included in your strategic plan to be considered.

For more information please contact: