“A Teenagers Trek Through Cancer” by Mette de Fine Licht

If you really want to understand why the field of adolescent and young adult cancer needs to be a specialty in its own right, then this beautifully written account of a young girl’s fight for life is the book for you. Open, sincere and packed with insight into the emotional challenges a cancer diagnosis has on this teenage girls psyche, we are transported from her diagnosis, through the rigors of treatment and surgery to a successful but life adjusted survival pathway.

What sets this book apart though is the quality of the writing and the depth with which we enter Mette’s world to experience the challenges of a young person, old enough to appreciate the burden of her illness on the people who love her and yet hardly mature enough to tackle the complexity of that responsibility. This book has renewed my determination to shine a light on the needs of this special group and to focus care, treatment, support and research on their unique needs.

Learn more about Mette de Fine Licht and her book here: http://willpowergirl.com/book-about-teen-cancer/