Teen Cancer America Announces Children’s Minnesota Hospital Partnership

We’re proud to announce that Children’s Minnesota Hospital has joined in partnership with Teen Cancer America! This pledge will help expand their AYA program and impact the lives of this unique patient population. In a statement made by AYA Program Manager Jacqueline England:

We at Children’s Minnesota are extremely excited to be partnering with Teen Cancer America to provide our Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) patients with top quality care. Through this generous gift we are able to continue work on providing fertility preservation options, clinical trials, psychosocial support, and inpatient and outpatient programming for our teens and young adults. Focusing on the specific needs of this population provides not only better outcomes, but improved quality of care and the ability for these patients to build a community of support and take on their treatment, together. We’re so grateful to Teen Cancer America for finding a position on our AYA team and enabling us to continue this great work.

Also, one of the young survivors Maddie (pictured in with the white jersey) had this to say:

I’m Maddie and I was diagnosed with ALL leukemia with the Philadelphia chromosome. To be treated at a pediatric hospital was ok, and I wouldn’t want to be treated at an adult cancer treatment cause treatment there is way different. It was hard though because most the kids are close to the age of seven and under, so being the only teen and watching the little kids ride around on their tiny tricycles is hard. The AYA program has helped. I really like the cooking classes. Those are my favorite because I love to cook and learn new things. Meeting other teen patients is probably my favorite part. Even if they don’t have the same thing I’m going through, it’s nice to talk about how you feel. I would like to give a big thanks to Teen Cancer America for funding this and making AYA care possible because it has had the biggest positive impact on my life and I actually feel like getting out of the house.

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