Latest News on Daniel Bral, TCA’s Chairman of Young People’s Advisory Committee.

Daniel Bral, Chairman of our Young People’s Advisory Committee, has been quite busy during the last 4 years of his Chairmanship. Outside of his role with TCA, over the last 4 years he has earned a Masters degree in Physiology and Biophysics, whilst concentrating in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Georgetown University, has completed 3 years of medical school, and hopes to start his 4th and final year in July 2017.

In his usual mover-and-shaker fashion, Daniel harnessed his education from Georgetown University and led Teen Cancer America’s nationwide-scoped research on “American teen and young adult desire of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) as an adjunct to cancer treatment”. He also conducted a study focused at assessing the state of CAM programming and utilization at the top 21 National Cancer Institute Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers (NCIDCCC). The results of these studies illustrated a great disparity between the needs of the teens and young adults and the failure of the NCIDCCCs to provide and meet these needs. Together with Simon Davies, the Executive Director of TCA, ensured that sought-after CAM modalities by teens and young adults would be available in all future to all AYA Cancer units.

While Daniel has been away at school, he has been quite busy in the social media sphere and through any publicity opportunities to highlight the vital work of TCA. Through his social media presence, Bral has helped to coordinate collaborations between various companies and TCA including Fortune 500 companies like Facebook Inc.

He has no intentions of stopping his involvement after medical school, and hopes to continue as a role model for other survivors through the unique position of “Dr. Patient”, where he understands the patient perspective first hand and also possesses fluency with the medical aspects of the cancer diagnosis.

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