Ryan Gordy Foundation to Host Wellness Golf Classic


Los Angeles (October 1, 2018) – On Tuesday October 16th, The Ryan Gordy Foundation in partnership with Teen Cancer America will host their Inaugural Ryan Gordy Foundation Wellness Golf Classic at the Moorpark Country Club in Southern California. Presented by BMW, The Wellness Golf Classic will spotlight the vivacious life of music legend Berry Gordy’s late grandson, Ryan Gordy, who, after being diagnosed with Leukemia, courageously opted out of chemotherapy to live a vibrant life. The event will serve as a follow up to the Foundations signature event, which included a tribute performance by the great Stevie Wonder.

Hosting some of the biggest and brightest names in music and entertainment, the foundations supporters and participants will tee off, dine healthily, celebrate, and raise money together for young adults battling cancer. The invite only Golf Classic will also play host to VIP’s, and close friends of the Gordy family.

Some confirmed guests include; Berry Gordy, Berry Gordy IV- host, Cedric the Entertainer, Jerry Rice, Norm Nixon, Sinbad, Sugar Ray Leonard, Kyle Massey and many more to be announced. Guests will be treated to a vegan Caribbean-themed dinner, exemplary of the wellness lifestyle the Foundation wishes to impart to other young adults being challenged by cancer. There will also be a special performance at the closing reception, and a red carpet made accessible to select media to cover and learn about the spiritual, emotional and nutritional routes Gordy used to celebrate his 28 years of life.

Cancer remains a major heath challenge in the U.S. affecting more than 1.63 million people, with young adults constituting over 23%, and the second most common cause of death in the U.S. Now, the Ryan Gordy Foundation strives to continue his legacy and inspire others to live the best version of their lives through wellness, a healthy lifestyle, education, and resources for prevention while targeting cancer awareness.

For more information visit https://www.ryangordyfoundation.org

About The Ryan Gordy Foundation The Ryan Gordy Foundation mission is to inspire people to live the best version of their lives. We do this through wellness campaigns, events, advocacy, healthy lifestyle, education and awareness. The Foundation’s signature event, The Wellness Celebration, was created as a celebration of Ryan Gordy’s life, and to thank everyone honored and privileged to know Ryan for their support. This is an opportunity for his legacy to live on through his passions for health, spirituality, mindfulness and entertainment. The invitation only event aims to bring attention to wellness and empower attendees to make healthy choices that help them achieve their best life.

For All Inquiries Contact: Ryan Gordy Foundation Anita Thompson anita@ryangordyfoundation.org

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Lauren R

My name’s Lauren and I’m nearly 16, but in most ways, I’m just like any other teenager. I participate in school athletics, enjoy music and hanging out with my friends. I look forward to getting my driver’s license soon. What is very different about me, is that with a rare genetic disorder, I’ve had cancer five times (Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma, two brain tumors and two Osteosarcomas). I was first diagnosed when I was only a toddler, so I don’t really remember a time when cancer wasn’t a part of my life.

My older brother Brent and I have both spent long stretches in the hospital for cancer treatment. Chemotherapy is physically challenging, but you really have to battle the mental isolation, sometimes as much as the disease.

Although cancer is deadly and serious, with our rare genetic mutations, we would often joke that ‘malignancy’ was more common in our house than a cold. We laughed a lot, believe it or not. My brother had Osteosarcoma, Metastatic Melanoma and Acute Myeloid Leukemia, which was caused by the chemo for his Osteosarcoma. Scans and cancer treatment were things that Brent and I did together and I was so lucky to have him. He would give me practical tips on how to manage treatment and hospital life: 1st, always bring a phone charger. 2nd, take up a hobby (I taught myself Ukulele during my months of chemo).

Brent also taught me how to manage being a teenager with cancer, with humor and optimism. While he generally tried to deflect attention from his illness, he did call himself the “One Hip Wonder” when he lost half of his pelvis. He learned to walk… again and again. Brent would laugh, but then he would get to work. I followed his advice and his example, but in my own way. When I went bald from chemo, I put a sharpie squiggle on my forehead make myself look like Charlie Brown for Halloween. I got a beautiful henna crown for homecoming, rather than wearing a wig. I don’t try to hide my illness the way Brent often did.

My brother died around Christmas while trying to participate in a clinical trial for his relapsed AML. This was incredibly hard for me and my whole family, but when I returned to the hospital for chemotherapy after his funeral services, I began to realize how important his peer support was to the cancer part of who I am. None of my school friends could relate to the things that he understood so well– neither the funny, ridiculous things related to cancer, nor the hard parts of dealing with this condition.

After my most recent cancer episode, (which kept me in the hospital for nearly all of my sophomore year), I’m regaining my physical stamina, catching up in my classes and reconnecting with friends. I look forward to working with Teen Cancer America to advocate for others with cancer, so that there are better opportunities for young people to connect with one another while in the hospital. Even though we have cancer, we still just want to hang out with other kids our age, especially with those who can understand.

Wyatt Oleff Concludes Crowdrise Contest

TCA Celebrity Ambassador and actor, Wyatt Oleff, (well known for his role as “Stanley” in the hit horror movie “IT”) recently completed a Crowdrise campaign that raised funds for Teen Cancer America. Not only has he been an active ambassador, but Wyatt was also very busy on social media, encouraging people (especially his fans) to rally behind a good cause.

Wyatt’s VIP Experience took place at the HorrorHound Expo in Indianapolis, IN, where thousands of fans gather to meet and take pictures with some of their favorite actors from the horror and sci-fi genre.

The contest winner, Tessa, was very excited to learn she had won a chance to fly out to Indiana and meet Wyatt.

“I stumbled upon the Crowdrise campaign when Teen Cancer America posted Wyatt’s video on their Instagram story. The event was amazing and my friend and I had a ton of fun. Being able to see some of the cast from IT and other horror icons was wonderful.”

The Crowdrise contest lasted three weeks in which Wyatt managed to raise a total of $6,408 for Teen Cancer America.

Thanks to all who donated and participated in the contest. Also, many thanks to the Oleff family for being patrons and supporters of Teen Cancer America.

Roger Daltrey Honored At Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall Stars, a new project launched as part of the #RAH150 celebrations, celebrated incredible figures who’ve been instrumental throughout the Hall’s history. On September 4, 2018, the inaugural 11 stars were unveiled, celebrating some of the most important groups and individuals from the past 150 years of the Royal Albert Hall.

Among the eleven names, Roger Daltrey is being honored with a carved stone on the RAH version of Hollywood’s walk of fame for his tireless work on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust, conducting series of week-long concerts in support of the charity each year since 2000.

Watch Roger receive his star in the video below.

After Roger received his award, in his own words:

“The Who and I have come a long way since being banned from the Hall back in 1972!” said Daltrey. “This star symbolizes how much we have achieved for young people with cancer over the years and I would like to thank all the artists who have been there for me and the charity since we started.”

“I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together and am honored to receive a star in recognition of this work.”

Among the rest of the people honored at the ceremony, were ten others, including:

  1. Queen Victoria, who in 1871 laid the foundation stone for what was supposed to known as  The Central Hall of Arts and Sciences. As she laid the stone Queen Victoria announced that it was to be called the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences, in memory of her beloved ‘Bertie’.
  2. Sir Winston Churchill, who gave 16 rousing speeches at the Hall between 1911 and 1959.
  3. Dame Shirley Bassey who has performed there on 45 occasions.
  4. Albert Einstein, who in 1933  addressed the venue about his fears over the state of Europe and the rise to power of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany.
  5. The Chelsea Arts Club who, for fifty years from 1908 to 1958 held their annual Chelsea Arts Club Ball each New Years Eve at the Royal Albert Hall.
  6. Eric Clapton, who has performed more than 200 concerts at the Hall. (Pictured with Roger Daltrey in featured article photo)
  7. Muhammad Ali, who took part in three boxing matches at the Hall between 1971 and 1979.
  8. The Suffragette Movement, who held 25 meetings at the Royal Albert Hall between 1911 and 1918.
  9. Adele, who won a Grammy award for Best Pop Solo Performance for ‘Set Fire To the Rain’ which she sang at the Hall.
  10. The Sir Henry Wood Promenade Concerts, better known as The Proms, which are held each summer at the Royal Albert Hall.

After receiving his Star, Roger spoke to our partners at Teenage Cancer Trust about how it felt to receive such an honor, as well as sharing his favorite memories doing the shows.

Article credit and assets borrowed from TheWho.com and Teenage Cancer Trust