Audrey Rene

Howdy! My name is Audrey René! I am a singer/songwriter from College Station TX! My favorite music genres include indie, pop, rock, and country! Kacey Musgraves, Dua Lipa, Emilee, and Ben Platt are just some of the artists that inspire me. Music has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in a very musical family. My mom, uncle, and cousins wrote music and sang all of the time. I enjoyed singing in choir all throughout junior high, high school and college. I even auditioned for the state choir in Texas and got to perform with my varsity women’s ensemble at TMEA. After being diagnosed with cancer, music became even more important to me! I started to resonate with lyrics more and more and developed a deeper appreciation for music. During one of my hospital stays, my freshman choir director called me while they were in class. I got to sit in my hospital bed 5 hours away and be a part of class. I am forever grateful for that moment. Ever since I joined the Play it Back program in December of 2020, my infatuation with music and creating has grown even stronger! This program has given me the opportunity to create and has made me feel more confident in my abilities. My favorite experience thus far with Play It Back has to be when Kenli and I were in a session and we were listening down to my vocal track I sent in. Kenli told me that it was amazing and that he could not wait to see what the final product would be. Potion of Pain just happened. Poof. There it was. Here it is for you now. If you are interested in following my music you can follow me on Instagram!

All the love,

A. René