Dominic McBride

Dominic is deep…and has a deep voice too to match the access he wields to his deep emotions with his sardonic, and simultaneously, playful lyrics. Dominic goes to sleep and wakes up with lyrics in his head and with Play It Back, he’s been able to harness those ideas and make them into original sounding melodies and records. Within 1 month of working in the Play It Back program, Dominic wrote, recorded and released a song…and it’s awesome. He has many more where that came from. Dominic’s wide range of musical tastes include Phoebe Bridgers, Ethel Cain and Lorde (he’s a Swifty too, and likely gets a lot of his pop sensibility from knowing each and every song by Taylor). Dominic is very involved in the PiB Music Monday tradition and enjoys connecting with the other artists who have gone through cancer. Being part of the PiB community has been healing through sharing and creating. Sometimes Dominic wonders if his lyrical ideas can come off as “too dark,” but it’s his special ability to be able to speak to those dark sides we all have…and expressing those ideas helps him stay grounded and connected to others.