Joey Allie

Joey Allie is extraordinarily creative. Like most teens, he listened to a ton of music growing up and has been particularly moved by Glitch Pop, Phonk and Hip Hop. After working with Play It Back and seeing a bit behind the curtain in music making, Joey set off on his own creative music journey.

Joey is always into learning “out there” tips and tricks to use in his productions. He’s even released some of them on streaming platforms. He’s quite fearless, just listen to bunniphonk by joej (that’s him). It was inspired by thinking someone was outside of his bedroom in the yard…talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Joey credits Play It Back for inspiring and supporting him to make more and more music everyday.

He also got to meet Kenny Beats and was able to come to the studio in Santa Monica to get some guitar tips too. Keep going Joey!