Juan Carlos “JC” Razuri

Juan Carlos “JC” Razuri is a singer/songwriter and instrumentalist. In high school, he performed with the orchestra, marching band, and jazz ensemble. Before cancer he played violin, marching bass drum, keyboard, percussion, and the drum set. JC had also just started fiddling with music production before his diagnosis. His favorite genres are Classic Rock, Indie Rock, R & B, and Pop. JC’s musical influences include Queen, Abba, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Boy Pablo, Khalid, and Lord Huron. Cancer temporarily stopped him from creating and performing music, but it did cause him to listen to music more often. Play It Back has allowed JC to get a look into the modern-day music producing process, to be more creative, and to connect with people in similar circumstances. His favorite memory in Play It Back is when he had an “aha!” moment on the first song he worked on with Kenli. It came from a melody he was improvising on violin.

Check out JC’s newer music here: https://linktr.ee/_JCR_