Stephen Lee

OK, run 100 feet away…Stephen…sing!

Can you hear him? Yes, yes you can! Stephen Lee is legit. Stephen is studying musical theater and has a powerful voice all his own, but he usually sings other people’s songs. Now he’s jumped into the magic of writing and performing his own songs with Play It Back and he’s thriving.

Hailing from one of the quaintest towns in the quaintest American state, Rhode Island, Stephen’s abilities are large. Stephen’s cancer experience initially took him away from singing and music, but now he’s on a tear and has written over 8 songs in just a few months. Stephen’s musical tastes are extraordinarily eclectic from Deer Hunter and Closure in Moscow to Mario Lanza.

He’s never short on ideas be they musical, lyrical or thematic. Incredibly creative and curious, Stephen loves being a part of the Play it Back community and having all of the magical experiences that go along with creating something from nothing, from creating songs.