AYA Oncology programs are developed in collaboration between pediatric and medical oncology. 

They coordinate and build upon existing services and resources to: 

  • holistically address the unique needs of adolescents and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer over time
  • and educate and support the providers caring for them

From nationally recognized University hospitals leading in research and systematic change to community hospitals delivering vital services to under-served communities, our grantees are working hard every day on behalf of adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer. They are bridging the gap in age-specific care on a broad range of issues; such as fertility preservation, financial support, clinical trial access, psychosocial care, etc. Meet some of our grantees and see what we’re helping them achieve.

Funding Change by Empowering the Future

As tomorrow’s citizens and leaders, our young people between the ages of 15 – 39, represent the future. They are a unique population with specific health care needs. It is imperative that the standards of care for these demographic changes in order to provide the best overall care. TCA believes that AYAs are the future and we want to bring a systemic change while improving their outcomes and chances of survival. By funding game changing hospital programs that are successfully addressing pivotal issues of AYA cancer – TCA is helping to impact the lives of 1000s of young people with cancer across the US.

Who We Support

TCA is a national grantmaker that can support any hospital providing cancer services to AYAs. Our goal is to

TCA is a national grantmaker that can support any hospital providing cancer services to AYAs. Our goal is to empower the future by improving access to AYA appropriate care, an enhanced treatment experience and improved outcomes. We believe that the AYAs impacted by an issue, such as cancer, are the real experts and we select hospitals that are caring for them directly. 

We choose our grantees carefully based on the submission of detailed proposals that are peer reviewed by experts in the field. Before a grant is awarded, a rigorous development tool is produced to set clear goals and targets.

There are two distinct grant opportunities that TCA is offering this grant cycle. One is for institutions that have not received grant funding from TCA in the past. The second is for existing partners whose final grant disbursement was completed more than two years ago. Please read the eligibility requirements below to determine which grant you are most eligible for.

More Than Dollars

What sets TCA apart is our commitment to supporting grantee organizations not only with funding, but also with a variety of opportunities to help them become as effective as possible in achieving their missions and advancing the collective goal. Partnership is extended in some of the following areas:

  • Strengthen education: We are invested in the continued education of physicians and allied health professional working towards better treatment and targeted care.
  • Cultivate leaders: We support individuals interested in age-specific cancer care to continue learning, growing, and proving the value of their roles.
  • Build momentum: We bring grantees together to network with one another and spark collective synergy toward systemic change.

Progress Since 2013

  • Number of Grants: 34 
  • Number of Hospitals Supported: 52
  • Total Funding Allocated: Over $12 million
  • AYA Facilities in Partner Hospitals: 21
  • Positions Funded: 60
  • States: 21
  • Cities: 31

“[TCA is] not just providing an outline, but a true roadmap and the best I’ve ever received.” -Dr. Marcio Malogolowkin, UC Davis Health

“TCA funding for a program manager along with the efforts of the AYA team and hospital leadership has allowed us to provide quality, patient-centered care to AYAs at MD Anderson. We do that by addressing unmet needs of our AYA patients on topics relevant to them such as coping/mental health, exercise, financial stress, genetic counseling, healthy behaviors, knowledge of AYA resources, late effects, nutrition, peer support, quality of life, relationships/sex/intimacy, and many others.” -MD Anderson

“Thanks to this wonderful partnership, we have been able to shine a spotlight even brighter than before on this patient population. There has been increased attention given on the program from various departments throughout the Health System and stakeholders in the community. And with Teen Cancer America’s support, we are able to better leverage funding from other donors and supporters locally and nationally.“ -University Health Systems – San Antonio

“This gift will ultimately help us expand our existing efforts and provide us with resources to standardize the way we provide optimal cancer care to a vulnerable population across the pediatric and adult medical centers and in accordance with clinical practice guidelines. This will enable us to better contribute to the scientific base as well.” -Stacy Sanford, PhD, CBSM, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Apply for First-Time Funding

Click here to apply and learn about TCA Charitable Grant opportunities. 

New Partner Grants are available to hospitals within the United State providing services for AYAs with cancer. 

  • TCA requires that all applicants have completed TCA’s 13-part AYA program strategy process
  • Pediatric and medical oncology be actively involved in the development and implementation of a single, comprehensive AYA program
  • None of the institutions applying have received grant funding from TCA in the past

Apply as an Existing Partner

Click here to apply and learn about TCA Charitable Grant opportunities for Existing Partners. Existing Partner Grants are available to TCA Hospital partners whose final disbursement was completed before July 31st, 2021 and provides services for adolescents and young adults with cancer in the United States. We define a comprehensive AYA program as one created across pediatric and medical oncology into a single, cohesive program. TCA will NOT consider applications that do not include both.

Support the AYA Movement

Your donation to TCA helps us provide essential support, funding, and resources to improve the chances of survival of AYAs. We select grantees that together, build momentum for systematic change. If you’re concerned about AYAs with cancer; if you think we need to empower their future; if you want to have a real hand in making things better — donate today and support our “boots on the ground” efforts throughout the USA.