Successful Cocktails For Cancer Fundraiser in Connecticut

TCA board members Maria Taylor and her husband, Dr. Glenn Taylor, hosted ‘Cocktails for Cancer’ in Woodbury, CT at the Good News Restaurant & Bar to support Teen Cancer America.

“Glenn and I were overwhelmed by the positive response we received from our tiny Connecticut community. The out pouring of love and support for our cause was simply amazing,” said Maria Taylor.

The highlight of the night was when two young advocates, Lauren Telesz and Mafalda Von Alvensleben, were able to share their personal stories and experience as young cancer survivors. As the night drew to a close and donations were collected, the event had raised over $23,000!

Lauren Telesz explained, “I had an absolutely wonderful time at the event. It was such a well-planned fundraiser and the lovely venue was filled to the brim with a crowd of incredibly warm-hearted, enthusiastic, and generous people. I was so grateful for the opportunity Maria and Dr. Taylor gave me to speak a little bit about what it is like to be a teenager with cancer and what it means to support the mission of TCA. I was touched by how many people came up after to talk with me and discuss the organization; no matter the age, it seemed that everyone at the fundraiser truly understood and appreciated the work TCA was doing. I met a couple whose teenager received treatment for his cancer at the same facility as myself; in discussing our respective experiences we realized we had been in the unit at the same time! It was shocking their son and I never met and in that moment the necessity for teen oncology clinics couldn’t have been stronger. I’d love to thank Maria and all the hard work she put into the event!”

Thank you to Maria and Dr. Glenn Taylor for all your hard work and dedication to the charity! Also thank you to the supporters and sponsors of this event: State Farm Insurance – Dave DeLotto,  Klemm Real Estate, Inc.,Waterbury Hospital, Dr. & Mrs. Michael Karnasiewicz, Town of Oxford Park and Rec, ConnectiCare, The Quain Family, US Bank, Ericson Insurance Advisors TMF, Inc., Law Offices of Dana D’Angelo, Newtown Savings Bank – Theresa Torino, Woodbury 787 Main LLC, UBS Donor-Advised Fund, Donald T. Ford Sr. and Son Pools LLC, Dental Associates of Connecticut, P.C., Chapin Business Services, PC Mobil – Rocco Arbitell, Store Haus – David Polman, Michael Bowman Photography, Good Hill Mechanical Services, Michael and Veronica Hartnett, Jeremy Greco, Michael McDonald, John L. Hopkins, John Strugar, Claudine and Murray McHugh, Mark and Carolyn Helderman, Chris and Paul Martin, Terri and Fred Clark, and Diane and William Hildreth.