Teen and Young Adult Program at MSK (TYA  @  MSK)

(800) 525-2225 Tyaprogram@mskcc.org More Info.

PROGRAM LEAD: Rachel Corke TCA Partnership est. March 2016

MSK recognizes that the diagnosis and treatment experience of teen and young adult (TYA) patients between the ages of 16-30 are unique. To improve the TYA patient experience during active treatment, they offer services that decrease isolation, improve connectivity between patients and their peers, and address psychosocial needs.

Here’s some of what they offer:

  • The Lounge, a place to hang with peers and engage in activities and events
  • The Peer-2-Peer Network, a program that puts you in touch with others your age who have completed treatment
  • The Lounge at MSK App, a social media platform that allows users to connect with people their age (18-30), find or suggest events at MSK or anywhere, share experiences, ask questions, and receive answers from experts – both patients and clinical staff.

This program is here for you regardless of what type of cancer you have, what type of treatment you’re receiving, or where you receive treatment within MSK, whether as an inpatient or an outpatient in Manhattan or at one of our other locations.