First Global USA Cancer Congress Hosted By Teen Cancer America!

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Teen Cancer America will be hosting this year’s first USA Cancer Congress joined with partner’s Teenage Cancer Trust, UK and CanTeen Australia on December 5 – 7, 2017 in Atlanta Georgia for the first Adolescent and Young Adult Congress in the USA!

This conference marks the second ever global AYA Cancer Congress.

The international coalition will continue with a yearly conference in different locations across the globe in order to promote true worldwide advances in AYA cancer treatment and service.

Find more information here and visit for additional info and registration information. 


Preliminary Program

“This Global Congress marks a turning point in the emergent international field of adolescent and young adult cancer. Our British colleagues have built impressive foundations for us. Now, with the ability to drive forward, utilizing the power of North American resources, there is the potential to secure this specialty that will improve the outcomes and survival of this and future generations of young people.

Building specialized, age appropriate facilities, creating dedicated multi disciplinary teams, providing age focussed treatments and support, and investing in relevant world class research, must become the hallmarks of our collective success. The community of health professionals that join us in Atlanta in December will be the vanguard of our movement for change.” – Simon Davies, Executive Director of Teen Cancer America

The development is in recognition that awareness and concern regarding the problem and the uniqueness of cancer in adolescents and young adults is becoming more and more universal.