Norton Children’s Hospital Launches Cancer Beats Program

Norton Children’s Cancer Hospital (Affiliated with University of Louisville) recently announced the “Cancer Beats” program, funded by Teen Cancer America. This unique musical therapy program helps Adolescent and Young Adult cancer patients learn how to play and perform alongside local musicians in social settings.

“What we’ve seen is [in breast cancer for instance] if you do any type of behavioral therapy, you can improve survival. Not just how the do, but actual survival,” said Dr. Joseph Flynn, Physician-in-Chief at Norton Cancer Institute.

“Things like music therapy is one area where you can improve outcomes for young people with breast cancer.”

Some of the survivors that have participated have said great things about the program. Noah Burrows, a survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia recently joined the program.

“Music has helped me focus on something other than just getting needles stuck inside of me and getting medicine all the time. It now gives me something positive to focus on.”

The talented teens and young adults will get to showcase their hard work that benefits Norton Children’s Cancer Institute on May 20, 2018. They will perform original and cover songs on stage at Chili’s Clips For Kids and give testimony about this program.

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