Roger Daltrey Attends Bon Secours Opening

Teen Cancer America, First Citizens Bank, and Bon Secours St. Francis Health System officially unveiled the new Hawkins Family Center for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Care.

Bon Secours AYA Cancer Care is dedicated to help support and assure that AYAs diagnosed with cancer live longer and healthier lives.

The new Hawkins Family Center for AYAs will be a place where teens and young adults (ages 15 to 40) can receive uniform support, treatment, and care in a environment designed specifically for them.

The new facility was made possible by a collaboration between First Citizens Bank, Teen Cancer America, and Dr. Joseph O. Hawkins, a cancer survivor, and his family.

The unit includes four patient rooms, a nurse’s station, an open concept lounge with kitchen, an exercise area, and a family bathroom.

 “This program is important to our young people in this community, and I think this program could be the model for other communities as well,” says Dr. Hawkins.

TCA co-founder, Roger Daltrey, made a special visit to Greenville to check out the new space.

“Coming here today and seeing what you’ve created at this regional hospital is truly remarkable,” says Daltrey. “I am so proud, and with your help and your support this will be the first of many regional hospitals that have similar facilities.”

During his visit, Daltrey took photos with patients, families, and nurses. Daltrey also got to reveal a guitar that he and Pete Townshend signed, which is now prominently on display in the space.

 “It also lets you know that somebody’s been there and done that before even when the journey was difficult, and that’s part of what we’ve adopted so patients can connect with each other and know that even when they’re struggling in this fight, they’re not alone,” says AYA Program Director Dr. Hal Crosswell.

Each patient who stays in the new center will receive a rock when they begin their stay. Before they check out of the hospital, they’ll drop it into one of the two metal holders to show other cancer patients that come after them they’re not alone and can also get through this journey.

Before leaving, Daltrey signed a rock and dropped it in the metal holder.