TCA Executive Director Comments on Covid-19 and AYA Population

Teen Cancer America’s Executive Director, Simon Davies comments on the events of Covid-19 and how it closely affects teens and young adults with cancer:

“Imagine you are a young person with the world at your feet. Now imagine you get cancer and your world is shattered. The cancer is bad enough, but the treatment is brutal, destroying your immune system and leaving you vulnerable to any infection.

Now throw in a pandemic… A deadly virus that is five times more likely to kill you than others your age if you get infected.

Teen Cancer America supports those young people and this is their reality that they’re facing every day now. Social isolation to them, as a teenage boy described to me, ‘it’s like being in a prison inside a prison.’ A teenage girl who spent 85 days in a hospital room during intensive treatment told us of her ‘skin hunger’ for touch, because her family weren’t allowed in and the staff were all masked and gowned for her protection. Even a simple hug was off limits!

So spare a thought for these young people with cancer as you face your own challenges in these difficult times. We need all the help we can get to support them and their families during the greatest trauma of their lives.