Young AYA Talks About The Need For Space

During the big reveal at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, AYA patient (Adolescent and Young Adult), Hudson, was delighted to share his thoughts to help people better understand the importance of space and programs for AYAs:

The building of this unit will be a huge blessing to patients and families who get to benefit from it. Not only is it extremely convenient to be able to have a shower for the families there, but also having a nice living space and microwave where you can enjoy hanging out with friends and family in a much more inviting area as opposed to a normal hospital room. People my age typically feel ostracized because they feel as if they’re the only young person with a serious ailment. I believe this new AYA unit will cut a lot of that negative thought process out and bring younger patients closer. I personally can’t thank enough everyone involved in the makings of this unit possible.

Through this, I was able to meet Roger Daltrey and talk with him not only about our passion for soccer but also his seriousness with making sure that people my age were properly taken care of and getting the best treatment possible. A lot of people like to talk about doing things such as this, but the fact that he wanted this to happen really shows his genuineness and true passion, which was awesome to witness first hand. Again, thank you to everyone involved in this unit it really is something special.