Alyssa Gomez

Alyssa Gomez spreads her sweetness in whatever she does. Music has been a central part of her life. Alyssa has been dancing since she was 3. She was relegated to homeschooling for a time during her cancer treatment and learned the keyboard. She played songs like “Imagine” over and over again. When Alyssa came to Play It Back studios, she hadn’t written songs but she caught on quickly, first writing a self-empowerment song called “I Don’t Play” and then creating a banging dance track centered around her feisty daughter called “Soy Princessa.” She used a sample of her then 3 year-old daughter. Alyssa used a real-life experience; seeing her daughter standing up for herself in a playground. She created a tribute to all young girls who can self-advocate for respect and boundaries. People tend to underestimate the power of suave and sweet vocals but in Alyssa’s case, sweetness packs a powerful musical punch. Alyssa has recorded many more songs since familiarizing herself with the power of her vision and vocals.