Brandon Rummel

Genre: Rock

Brandon is a special guy. After birth he was born with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, having problems swallowing, forming words and seizures. As he grew older it was clear that Brandon was understanding what we were saying and could follow tasks. He didn’t eat anything by mouth until age 5, didn’t walk until age 4 with assistance and every milestone was a celebration. We all worked hard helping Brandon communicate with his family, teachers, therapists, doctors and peers. He was making great progress using a communication device, signing and some verbalization until around age 8. At age 8, he stopped communicating and engaging with anyone. We were all worried. One weekend Brandon and his mom were going to be in the car all weekend so they bought a Beatles 1 CD (Just released) to fill the time in the car. The minute the music started to play Brandon started to talk, sing and engage. By the end of the weekend he was singing loudly with his mom. We gave the school a Beatles CDs as motivation for communication and education and it worked. He grew his Beatles collection, started a job during high school working on a Beatles Radio show in Austin, TX, started a band, sang in a chorus, all motivated by the Beatles music. He has met both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr both of which are amazing memories for him. Brandon was living a great life. n 2018 Brandon’s health deteriorated and was soon diagnosed with a rare cancer “Margarlin’s Ulcer” a form of invasive squamous cell carcinoma. The cancer traveled into his abdomen and stomach through his g-tube. He was referred to MD Anderson who removed the cancer. Brandon has since recovered and passed the 3 year period without a reoccurrence. During his cancer recovery he once again relied on the music of the Beatles and added the Who, Jimmy Buffett, the Beach Boys among others for relief. But always the Beatles music is in his heart, his head and his mind. When asked why he loves the Beatles so much he said “because their music makes me happy”. Enough said. Music is so key to Brandon having a good life. Participation in Teen Cancer America’s Play it Back Songs has been such a great experience for him to work with Kenli each week finding his own voice in songs.