Savanah Bean

Savanah Bean never misses an opportunity for wordplay. She’s a rapper through and through and sees the world from an incredibly unique perspective.  Savanah was first diagnosed with cancer at 8. Her third bout of cancer left her with severe short-term memory loss. At one point, it was so intense, she barely recognized her mother. Throughout all of those trials and challenges, music remained a constant. It even helps her remember things these days she otherwise might not. It seems that music contributes to locking people and moments into her memory banks. Savanah’s a fan of 90’s hip hop and has a throwback style, one part Eminem, one part a mish-mash of old school but really all her own. Her risqué sense of humor combined with her incredibly friendly attitude helps her create true-story raps. Recently she composed a song about her telling jokes for money at the mall (and getting in trouble for it). Savanah is also happy that Play it Back helps her stay in touch with her favorite former childlife specialist Hilary Gan who is also Play it Back’s co-founder.