Play It Back

Play It Back is Teen Cancer America’s pilot music program that brings adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer survivors into the music world for them to write, produce, and express themselves through the process of recording songs. The Play It Back program features several young adult patient artists as they embark on a journey of creation and building community.

In addition to creating their own songs, the young artists commune with music industry heavyweights such as: Benny Blanco, Portugal. The Man, and Mike Posner. Along with their peers, these artists share their experiences with music while gaining inspiration from others.

With the initial support from the Wands Burns family, in memory of their musician son Jeffery and more recent funding from the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charity, the Play it Back program was officially born. Jian Mehta, a talented young man diagnosed with Leukemia, was the first artist featured in this program.

Jian was an extraordinarily gifted singer, songwriter, and music producer whose artistic vision and output grew by leaps and bounds while working in this program. Being the first artist to join the Play It Back roster, Jian and his beautiful music will be released later this year with contributions from Benny Blanco, Portugal. The Man., and many others. With every note, we hope to honor Jian’s memory by inspiring countless other young people to express and uplift themselves through making music.

Your gift to the Play It Back music program in Jian’s memory will allow this program to become a regular and official offering on the Teen Cancer America roster. Because of amazing young people like Jian, TCA hopes to continue to grow the program and share the opportunity and positive effect it has had on other young people impacted by cancer around the country. Currently, Play It Back is working with five new young adult patient artists.